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Friday, June 17, 2011

Introducing my Spunky little Monkey.

My little guy has been working incredibly hard both at home and at therapy in recent weeks. I am overwhelmingly proud of him. Last week he was on the cover of his therapy centre's newsletter, and whilst I don't want to turn Harri into the poster boy for Autism, I thought it made sense, given he is the star of this blog to post a pic or two. Consider it a formal introduction.


  1. Hello young man - lovely to meet you!

  2. He's gorgeous - G-d bless him.


  3. He's a cutie! My son is a little blondie, too, but very straight, I always was hoping it would defy genetics and turn into cute curls like Harri has! ...what kind of strange Aussie rodent is he playing with?!?! I want one!

  4. haha Sunshine, it's a Quokka. Only found on Rottnest Island off the coast of Western Australia.
    Yes Harri is a blondie in a family of brunettes. Not sure it will last though.

    Thanks everyone for your kind comments.

  5. he is absolutely gorgeous!! Looks as good as gold : )

  6. He's adorable! Now we need even more pictures!